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৭ লাখ মরা মানুষ খাচ্ছিলেন রেশনের চাল-গম!

Rice grains and wheat are allocated in the name of dead people. It is being lifted. So far, number of dead ration subscribers has increased to 7 lakh It was seen in a survey conducted by West Bengal's Food Regulatory Authority of India. This number has reached seven million in just three months' survey. West Bengal Food Minister Jyotipriya Mullick said this number will increase further.

It is to be noted that the State Food Department issued a directive to get information of deceased ration customers three months ago. In order to make a proforma in that direction, it is said to send a list of dead to various government departments including hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, municipalities, panchayats.

As a result of that step, the data of about 7 lakh dead ration customers from various places has come to the food department, said West Bengal Food Directorate. According to the rules published in the daily newspapers of Calcutta, the family members return the card to their death card ration dealer to get the deceased's death certificate.

But in most cases the information does not reach the appropriate authorities. A section of Ration Dealer is involved in the idea that the Food Department has been involved. Therefore, if the general people return the ration card to the deceased people, punitive action will not be taken against anyone, the country's Food Minister assured the country's Food Minister.

In order to provide cheap food to rice, West Bengal state government has to subsidize about five thousand crore rupees annually. So, the ration card in the name of the deceased person is being wasted and the state government's huge money wasted.


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