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Dear all Bangladesh Engineers,


The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) Australia Chapter has made a decision to form a new Ad-hoc Executive Committee (EC) for 2018-2019 based on constitution with the following preliminary objectives:



  1. Work closely with Engineers Australia (EA), Board of Accreditation for Engineering Technical Education (BAETE) Bangladesh and IEB for achieving Washington Accord Signatory of IEB accredited engineering degrees;
  2. Engage Bangladeshi engineers on the awareness of Professional Registration with EA (e.g. CPEng, NER), States Registration (e.g. RPEQ) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
  3. Arrange short training with the engagement of key EA registered professional Bangladeshi Engineers and EA personnel to achieve objective no. 2;
  4. Share senior Bangladeshi Engineers  industry experience (including challenges faces, achievements etc.) to the newly migrated/existing  engineers for better career path;
  5. Organise CV/selection criteria writing workshops for new migrants and graduate engineers with the help of senior Bangladeshi Engineers and professional recruiters;
  6. Bring all Bangladeshi Engineers under a common umbrella to fill the gap between industry and personal development;
  7. Arrange symposium/conferences with the participation of researchers, academicians and industry professionals; and
  8. Assist Bangladesh with active participation on relief when major disaster/calamities happen. 










Date/Time of Meeting:  16/09/2018, 10:00AM – 13:00PM


Location of Meeting:  10 Kiriwina Place, Glenfield, NSW 2167.





  1. Ad-hoc structure based on constitution, duty must be taken by all Interested Engineers.
  2. Plan of action for 2018-2019




List of Positions:


Ad-hoc Executive Committee IEB Australia Chapter 2018-2019:


  1. President
  2. Vice President (Academic & International)
  3. Vice President (Member Services)
  4. Vice President (Engineers Professional Services & Social Welfare)
  5. Vice President (Administration & Finance)
  6. The Honorary General Secretary
  7. Honorary assistant General Secretary (Academic & International)
  8. Honorary assistant General Secretary (Member Services)
  9. Honorary assistant General Secretary (Engineers Professional Services & Social Welfare)
  10. Honorary assistant General Secretary (Administration & Finance)
  11. Secretary for Cultural Affairs
  12. Executive members/Advisor
  13. Executive members/Advisor
  14. Executive members/Advisor
  15. Executive members/Advisor
  16. Executive members/Advisor
  17. Executive members/Advisor
  18. Executive members/Advisor
  19. Executive members/Advisor






Thanks and Regards


IEB Australia Chapter.


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